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Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Colorado, but doesn't signal the end of drug-related arrests in our state.  More than 93 percent of arrests for the sale or manufacture of drugs involve drugs other than marijuana, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, and more than 56 percent of possession arrests aren't related to marijuana. If you have been charged with a drug crime, the legal team at Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. launches your defense with an investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, including an inquiry into whether your constitutional rights were violated by an unlawful search or other misstep by the police.

I thought marijuana was legal in Colorado

Colorado has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, but the new law includes many limits, such as:

  • Possession of more than one ounce is still a crime
  • Growing more than six plants at home is still a crime
  • It's still a crime for visitors to the state to buy more than one-quarter ounce
  • There still are strict limits on driving with THC in your system
  • Possession by or distribution to minors younger than 21 is still a crime

So even though marijuana is now "legal," there are still many ways to break the law. If you are arrested for violating any of the remaining prohibitions, you need an experienced drug crimes lawyer. Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. has been defending those charged with drug crimes since 1977.

Colorado is developing regulations for the distribution and use of marijuana.  It is still a Federal felony to even possess a very small amount of marijuana.  Beware though even if the Federal government says it will not prosecute small amounts of marijuana, until Congress makes it legal, it is still a Federal crime.

Do the courts treat all drugs the same?

Colorado has five classifications of controlled substances. They range from Schedule I drugs, which carry the highest penalties, to Schedule V drugs, which carry the lowest. Examples of drugs in each of these schedules are:

  • Schedule I -- LSD, heroin, Ecstasy and marijuana
  • Schedule II -- Opium, cocaine, morphine and methadone
  • Schedule III -- Anabolic steroids, codeine and testosterone
  • Schedule IV -- Tranquilizers and sedatives
  • Schedule V -- Over-the-counter drugs containing small amounts of codeine

Penalties depend on the schedule of drug and whether this is a first offense. Potential sentences for possession include:

  • Schedule I-II (first offense) -- Four to 12 years in prison and $750,000 fine
  • Schedule I-II (second offense) -- Eight to 24 years in prison and $1 million fine
  • Schedule III (first offense) -- Two to six years in prison and $500,000 fine
  • Schedule III (second offense) -- Four to 12 years in prison and $750,000 fine
  • Schedule IV (first offense) -- One to three years in prison and $100,000 fine
  • Schedule IV (second offense) -- Two to six years in prison and $500,000 fine
  • Schedule V (first offense) -- Six to 18 months in prison and $5,000 fine
  • Schedule V (second offense) -- One to three years in prison and $100,000 fine

Federal crimes can be even more serious and can include the sale of, distribution of or giving away for free prescription drugs such as valium, Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc.  Some drug crimes carry a minimum mandatory penalty of as much as ten years to life.  Also, it is a Federal crime to smoke or possess marijuana in a drug involved premises such as a clubhouse, fraternity, sorority house or even a home.

The potential sentences for drug trafficking can be as heavy as those for violent crimes. We work hard to get your trafficking charges reduced or dismissed.

We are committed to defending you against drug charges in Colorado

At Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C., we understand that the penalties for drug crimes are severe, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you. If you need a lawyer who fights for your rights, call us at 720-608-5634 or contact us by email. We can help you outside normal business hours if needed.

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