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Minor and Adult Children With Special Needs and Criminal Offenses

Our children with special needs often have impaired judgment capabilities. Impulsivity and lack of control are common issues with high functioning people with disabilities.  As such, we often find our children in circumstances their typical peers would not be in.  Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges often do not have the training to recognize when an individual has autism, developmental delays, or other cognitive challenges.  While our children (whether minors or having reached majority age) find themselves scared, intimidated and not knowing where to turn, they must be represented by an attorney familiar with these challenges.  As a parent of children with challenges, I know how this works.  Your child is not a "bad kid", but may be perceived as that by others that simply have not been exposed or understand the nature of disabilities.  Your attorney should have a strong knowledge of disabilities, the unique challenges our community faces and the lack of knowledge that exists in our judicial system.  Armed with knowledge, your attorney can bring the knowledge and compassion to your child's case and help ensure the best possible outcome.

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