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Lawyer Defends Coloradans Charged with White-Collar Crimes

We know how to build an effective defense to white-collar crime charges

In the case of white-collar offenses, the line between legal and illegal acts can be a blurry one. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, etc., the Parker law firm of Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. can develop a strong defense for you. Since 1977, we have been dealing with the complex financial issues that arise in these cases.

If I made an honest mistake, can I be convicted of fraud?

To convict you of fraud, the state needs to prove more than a mistake — it must prove five elements:

  • A false representation of a material fact or a concealment of a material fact
  • Knowledge on the part of the one making the representation that it is false or that he or she is concealing a material fact that should be disclosed
  • Ignorance on the part of the victim that the representation is false or that a material fact is being concealed
  • The representation or concealment is intended to be acted upon by the victim
  • Action is taken based on the representation or concealment that damages the victim

An honest mistake does not meet those criteria and therefore cannot support a fraud conviction. There are many types of fraud such as:

  • Computer fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Accounting fraud
  • Mail fraud

Penalties for fraud range from restitution to probation or prison time. If you have been charged with any type of fraud, you need a strong advocate who will give your case the serious attention it deserves.

Does making a mistake on my tax returns make me a tax evader?

Most tax mistakes are just that: mistakes. When you make an error on your tax return, the IRS only wants to collect what is owed, plus interest and possibly a penalty. Tax evasion is much more than an arithmetical or accounting error. Tax evasion is the knowing and willful act of attempting to avoid paying the taxes you owe. Signs of tax evasion that the IRS looks for include:

  • Concealment of bank or investment accounts
  • Claiming false deductions
  • Pattern of underreporting income
  • Placing assets in other names
  • Omission of sources of income
  • Not filing any returns

Penalties for tax evasion include a fine of as much as $100,000 and up to five years in prison or more. If you believe you are being investigated for tax evasion, contact our experienced legal team immediately. We can help you deal with the IRS and the U.S. attorney's office and attempt to resolve your issue without criminal charges.

Colorado white-collar crime lawyer works hard for you

Dealing with the government is intimidating. If you have gotten wind of an investigation into your business practices or your tax returns, you need seasoned counsel to guide you through the inquiry. The law office of Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. works for a swift resolution of your case. We offer free initial consultations and flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. Call us at 720-608-5634 or contact us by email.

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