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Parker-Area Equitable Distribution Lawyer Protects Your Assets

Dividing marital property in a divorce can be contentious

Even in an otherwise amicable divorce, hostility often erupts when the time comes to decide who keeps what. And in already contentious divorces, the process of dividing the marital property can turn vicious. In marriages that have amassed substantial assets, the task of distributing them fairly is complicated. Since 1977, the law firm of Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. has guided clients through equitable distribution. Our attorney makes sure you get what you are entitled to.

Does equitable distribution mean we split everything down the middle?

Equitable distribution doesn't necessarily mean a 50/50 split of the marital property. Colorado law requires the divorce court to divide the pool of marital assets fairly. To do that, the court considers many factors, such as the duration of the marriage, each spouse's contribution to the household's finances, other assets and sources of income, and their likely post-divorce incomes.

Is everything we own considered marital property?

Simply said, marital property is property acquired during the marriage and the increase of value. This can include:

  • House
  • Vehicles
  • Investment property and all assets
  • Bank accounts
  • Pensions
  • Business assets

Assets owned before the marriage by either spouse, as wells as gifts and inheritances received by a spouse during the marriage, are generally not considered marital property so long as the spouse treats those assets as separate during the marriage. Determining what is or isn't marital property is tricky when separate property has significantly increased in value during the marriage or separate property has been comingled with jointly owned assets.

We guide you through this complicated process. We know how hard it is to give up assets you worked so hard to accumulate, so we work hard to get you everything you are entitled to. Our knowledge of property distribution and the possible pitfalls makes us a powerful ally.

We protect your property during a divorce in Parker, the Denver metropolitan area, and surrounding areas

We at Jeffrey R. Edelman, P.C. have the experience to navigate the complex process of marital property distribution. Contact us via email or by phone at 720-608-5634. Calls are returned promptly, even outside regular business hours if needed.

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